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The International Journal of the Heart and Vascular Diseases is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical medical journal for specialists in the field of cardiology. The journal was founded in 2013 by the Cardioprogress Foundation, the first issue was presented at the European Congress of Cardiologists.

The journal is published 4 times a year in printed and electronic versions. The uniqueness of the journal lies in the fact that this is the only medical publication that is simultaneously printed in Russian and English. The printed version of the journal is distributed free of charge, and electronic version is available on the official website of the Cardioprogress Foundation, and on the official website of the journal,

The journal publishes original scientific articles, reviews, clinical guidelines and recommendations, discussions, expert opinions, letters to the editor. The subject of publications is quite wide: from international and regional epidemiological studies in the field of cardiology, to the clinical aspects of cardiovascular diseases.

The Editorial Board includes experts from 15 countries. In addition, the main directions of published articles are developed with the participation of two foreign scientific advisers (Nathan Wong, USA and Richard Williams, UK). Along with the review, original articles and meta-analyzes are further analyzed by a leading statistical specialist (A. Deev, Russia).

The scientific editors and proofreader of the journal have extensive experience in leading medical journals in Russia and England. The journal publisher has received special training for work, both with the Russian, and the version in English. Translation of materials into English and vice versa, takes place in two stages. At the first stage, after peer review, translators with medical education translate articles and other publications. Then, the scientific editor together with the cardiologist, who are the native speakers, make the final correction and amend them.

All rules for authors are available on the official website and at the end of each issue. The editors work according to international rules, which were compiled using the experience of leading American and European cardiology journals.

Another feature of the journal is the fact that it does not have custom-made publications and advertisements for manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment. The editorial staff willingly publishes announcements and reports of international and regional scientific events. All costs associated with the publication of the journal are funded by the Cardioprogress Foundation.

To date, 28 issues have been published, including more than 160 review and original articles, case studies and reports on international and regional conferences. The journal publishes the works of authors from 14 countries of the world, among which Russia and the CIS countries predominate. This is a good opportunity for the publication of works by Russian-language authors in English, and foreign authors in Russian.

Recently, the editors developed links in Russian and English to improve the search for certain topics. All articles are distributed in 12 directions with presentation of output data, summaries, keywords.

We invite scientists and doctors to send their articles to the Editorial Board. All submitted manuscripts will be gratefully received and considered for publication. Submissions that are likely to appeal to a broad range of doctors will receive priority. Publication within the journal is free of charge for authors. Published articles are downloadable from the website and authors will receive a print copy for their records.


Mekhman N. Mamedov, Editor-in-Chief  of the IHVDJ, MD, PhD, Professor of Cardiology


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