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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the first issue of the International Heart and Vascular Disease Journal. This is an open-access journal published quarterly in both English and Russian languages. We hope this dual-language publication will help to improve communication between countries and cultures. The journal provides an opportunity for European and North American authors to achieve a wider international readership, especially within developing nations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The journal also provides an opportunity for clinicians and scientists from non-English speaking nations to publish their work in an international bilingual publication. This journal is available in paper and electronic versions.

The Editorial Board comprises distinguished specialists from different countries. This ensures that the journal and content maintain a high scientific standard. Original studies and reviews are published, as well as guidelines, clinical discussions and expert opinions.

We invite scientists and doctors to send their articles to the Editorial Board. All submitted manuscripts will be gratefully received and considered for publication. Submissions that are likely to appeal to a broad range of doctors will receive priority. Publication within the journal is free of charge for authors. The publishing guidelines are available on the Cardioprogress Foundation website, which is supporting the publication of this journal. Published articles are downloadable from the website and authors will receive a print copy for their records.

Our ambition is for this journal to become an exciting, interesting and trusted source of information, covering modern scientific achievements and the fast-paced advances in clinical technologies. Rafael G. Oganov President, Cardioprogress Foundation Editor-in-Chief

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Editor’s Welcome

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