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Mekhman N. Mamedov (Moscow, Russia) - Professor of Cardiology, MD, PhD, Foreign member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Tajikistan, Head, Department for secondary prevention of NCDs , National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia. President of the Cardioprogress Foundation, member of the RSC Presidium  (ORCID) (SCOPUS) (PubMed)

Depute editor

Sergey G. Kanorskiy (Krasnodar, Russia) – Professor of Cardiology, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine № 2 of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “The Kuban State Medical University” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation                        (ORCID) (SCOPUS) (PubMed)

Senior consulting editors

Nathan D. Wong (Irvine, CA, USA) - PhD, FACC, FAHA, FNLA, FASPC, Professor and Director, Heart Disease Prevention Program, Division of Cardiology, University of California,  Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, UC Irvine and UCLA, Adjunct Professor of Radiology

Richard John Charles Williams (London, UK) -  PhD, FRSM, Consultant Clinical Physiologist (cardiology), Clinical Lead for Healthy Europe Project (European Commission).

Statistical consultant
Aleksandr D. Deev (Moscow, Russia) - PhD, Head of Laboratory of Biostatistics, National Research Center for Preventive Medicine

Editorial board

Arabidze Grigory Guramovich (Moscow), vice-president of the Cardioprogress Foundation, M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine Department № 2 of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. The deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine «Atherosclerosis and Dyslipidemia», also is a member of the editorial board of the journal «Therapist», the journal «Medical Messenger of the Interior Ministry» and the « International heart and vascular disease journal»
Adnan Abaci (Ankara, Turkey) -  MD, Professor of Cardiology, Department of Cardiology, Gazi University School of Medicine
Berndt Luderitz (Bonn, Germany) - MD, PhD, EFESC, FACC, FAHA, FHRS, Professor of Medicine,  Head, Emeritus, Dept. of Medicine and Cardiology, University of Bonn. 


Dayi Hu (Peking, China) - MD, Professor, Director, Cardiovascular Disease Department, Peking University Science Center, Chairman, China Heart Federation.  

Dusko Vulic  (Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)-  MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka, Head of Center for specialisations and continuinig education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka
President of Executive Board Society of Cardiology Republic of Srpska, Director of Foundation of Health and Heart.

Elena I. Mitchenko - MD, Professor, Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology, Kiev, Ukraine (PubMed)

Kazuaki Tanabe (Izumo, Japan) - MD, Professor of Internal medicine, Division of cardiology, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine.

Maciej Banach (Lodz, Poland) - MD, PhD, d.h.c., Professor of Cardiology, President of Polish Lipid Association (PoLA) and Founder of the Lipid and Blood Pressure Meta-analysis Collaboration (LBPMC) Group, President of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute
(ORCID) (SCOPUS) (ResearcherID)

Najeeb Jaha (Dammam, Saudi Arabia) - MD, PhD, Head of cardiology department at SBC, Head of the Saudi group of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (SGCVPR).

Ozlem Soran (Pittsburgh, USA) - MD MPH, FACC, FESC
Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Epidemiology/Research, Director of EECP Treatment Laboratory, Heart and Vascular Institute, University of Pittsburgh.

Pekka Puska (Helsinki, Finland), Director General emeritus and professor, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Pranas Serpytis (Vilnius, Lithuania) - MD, PhD, Professor, Head of Emergency Medicine Centre, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos (PubMed)

Rafael Bitzur (Tel Hashomer, Israel) – MD, Senior Physician, the Bert W Strassburger Lipid Center, Sheba Medical Center, Secretary of the Israeli Society for the Research, Prevention and Treatment of Atherosclerosis 

Seth J. Baum (Florida, USA) - M.D., FACC, FAHA, FACPM, FNLA, FASPC, President of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology (ASPC), Clinical Affiliate Professor, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University (FAU).


Vladimir N. Khirmanov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Professor, MD, professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy of the St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after IM Mechnikov.

Wilbert S. Aronow (Valhalla, New York, USA) - MD, Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiology Research, Westchester Medical Center and New York Medical College.

Yuri A. Vasyuk (Moscow, Russia) - Professor, doctor of medical science, Member of the Presidium of Russian society of Cardiology, Vice-rector for teaching and clinical work of the Moscow State Medico-stomatological University
(ORCID) (ResearcherID) (PubMed)


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